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Peace & Thread

Luxury Brooklyn-Japan Sculpture: A High-End Fusion of Modern Urban and Traditional Japanese Art | Stories Series

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Crafted in my Brooklyn studio, this artwork titled 'Story 01' launches my new 'Stories' series—a deeply personal tribute to 19th-century Japanese culture and aesthetics. Each element, sourced from antique Japanese Woodblock books, is meticulously curated for its unique distress, fading, and markings.

As I finished crafting this piece, I noticed its shape subtly echoes both city skylines and art deco architecture—a nod to my beloved New York City, where I've lived since 2017.

Measuring 44" at its longest point and 26.5" at its widest, this sculpture holds a noticeable yet harmonious presence. It invites you into a space of contemplation and discovery. The 'Stories' series transcends the tales within these antique books to celebrate the intertwining narratives of urban existence and culture. Experience this journey through a piece that's more than art—it's a story waiting to be part of yours.

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